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Small Bubble Wrap Products
For customers requiring additional interior protection for fragile or delicate products, Removal Boxes 2 U offers a range of small bubble wrap products. Bubble wrap is often used to fill empty interior spaces of boxes and packages, forcing products to remain immobile during the shipping process. This can prove invaluable for companies and organisations transporting items that can easily be broken during transit.

General Purpose Bubble Wrap
The most popular type of bubble wrap in general use. Perfect for protecting valuable items in transit and storage. Being flexible helps bubble conform to the shape of your product, while the lightweight nature helps lower delivery costs.

Large Bubble Wrap
If you plan on shipping fragile, easily breakable items, we recommend purchasing one of our bubble wrap products in addition to your cardboard packaging. Our large bubble wrap can be used in a wide range of applications, from interior packaging support to external wrapping and cushioning.

About our large bubble wrap
Our large bubble wrap is the ideal option if you have large items to protect or sizeable gaps to fill inside packaging boxes.Each of our large bubble wrap products is available in 25 and 50m  rolls, ranging in width from 750mm to 1500mm. Thanks to a flexible, non-porous nylon barrier design, our large bubble wrap can be shaped to fit around your product while still offering superior protection from the bumps and bangs of shipping. Our large bubble wrap is also incredibly lightweight, helping to reduce the transportation costs for your product. Made from large bubbles (25mm X 9mm)

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